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About Us

In the past few years more and more people have been paying attention to their health. We are becoming more inclined to join a gym to maintain a better lifestyle. But along with physical activity there are nutrients that are missing from our diet that are essential for our bodies to run at an optimal level. To create this balance, we must consider taking a supplement form that will help our body in getting specific nutrients that aren’t readily available to us through the foods we eat.

No Compromise on Quality: Major issue in the market is that of authenticity – if we buy supplements from the market, how do we know that it is even genuine? Because of these factors either people don’t purchase supplements at all or if they do, end up purchasing from abroad which costs more and adds up in the long run.

Because we have been in this field for the past 7 years and being certified trainers and nutritionists, we thought why not come into the market and provide genuine healthy supplements to the people of Pakistan. This is when BodyFuel was created, a retail supplement brand which imports from the U.S. through legal channels to sell here and offers competitive yet affordable pricing. We import leading supplement brands which are top rated and have been well reviewed by users but most importantly, are backed by science and research. We are the official authorized retailers for Cellucor and Xtend and official distributors for Redcon1 in Pakistan.

But we don’t stop there; our mission is also to provide full information to our customers on how and when to take which supplements so they get the full benefits of the product. We have a conversation about diet and also provide tips because our sole purpose was never to just sell product and make a profit. We want people to have proper exposure towards fitness and eliminate the confusion regarding supplements, exercise and nutrition. We must realize that supplements play a vital role in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and we at BodyFuel are dedicated on taking the initiative to help the people of Pakistan in making this change.